Jamestown Pavilion
Jamestown Playground
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Jamestown Basketball Flag
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Jamestown Small Playground
Jamestown Basketball
Jamestown Park Sign

Jamestown Park


Jamestown Park is located at 101 Murphy Street.


The park has a playground with swings, slides and various play areas.
It also features multiple pavilions with picnic tables and open-area miniature grills.
Jamestown Park also features a full basketball court.
The following is an excerpt from "The Heritage Trail from Horse Creek to Davenport" relating to Jamestown:
"In 1979, Mrs. Rosa Mae Steward helped organize the Concerned Citizens of Davenport which was later changed to Concerned Citizens of Jamestown.
This organization oversees the maintenance of Jamestown Cemetery.
Jamestown is a close-knit community with neighbors looking out for each other.
As one of the ladies put it, 'It takes a village to raise a child and the village of Jamestown raised us.'"


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