Building and Planning Department

The Building and Planning Department duties and responsibilities include the administrative and enforcement of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Land Development Code, policies, regulations and pertinent information relating to City Codes.

The Building and Planning Department also provides technical and administrative support to the City Commission, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustments, Code Enforcement Special Magistrate and the Development Review Committee.
The following is a list of the primary functions of the Building and Planning Department: 

  • Planning  
  • Zoning 
  • Development Review  
  • Code Enforcement
  • Building Permits & Inspection Activities
  • Economic Development and Redevelopment.
The Department also oversees the Floodplain Administration for the City.
The Department is required to maintain and update the following documents:
  • Comprehensive Plan
  • Future Land Use Map
  • Land Development Regulations
  • Official Zoning Map


Committees the Department staff attends: 

  • Transportation Adversary Committee
  • Polk County EOC
  • Polk Regional Water Cooperative


Other pertinent documents and codes utilized by the Department: 

  • City Code of Ordinances
  • Florida Building Code
  • Florida Statutes
  • Florida Administrative Code.