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Q: What codes or regulations provide guidance on flood protection?

 A: Please refer to the Polk County Land Development Code, Section 630; the Comprehensive Plan, Sections 2.307 and 2.308; and the Codes of Federal Regulations (CFR) Chapter 44, enforced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


Q: Where do I obtain information if my property is in the flood plain?

A: The Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) provide a basis for determining if a property is within a floodplain. On December 20, 2000, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) adopted the latest flood insurance rate maps for Polk County. Copies of the FIRM panels are available from FEMA, at 1-800-358-9616 or the Map Service Center. The flood maps are also available at area libraries, the Lakeland Board of Realtors, the East Polk Board of Realtors and the Polk County Builders Association.

You can also contact the Land Development Division for a determination of the property before building at (863) 534-6765. Please have your 18-digit property identification number or address available.


Q: My house is located in Zone X, a low risk flood hazard area shown on the flood map; can I buy flood insurance? 

A: Yes. There is a flood insurance policy for low risk areas. Ask your insurance agent for the Preferred Risk Policy.


Q: Where do I obtain a list of flood insurance providers? 

A: All insurance companies can write flood insurance policies. Contact the insurance company that writes your homeowners policy. 


Q:  What is a 100 year flood? 

A: A flood event (also known as a base flood) having one percent probability of occurring in any given year. This may also be referred to as the 1% chance flood. In Polk County, the storm may drop about 10.6 inches of rain in a 24-hour period.  


Q: What is Community Rating System (CRS)? 

A: The CRS is a voluntary program that provides incentives for exceeding the minimum National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) requirements.  Polk County's participation in the Community Rating System enables citizens to purchase flood insurance policies with reduced premiums through higher regulatory standards. Polk County has a CRS rating of Class 6, providing policyholders a 20% premium discount. 


Q: Where can I find a copy of the Floodplain Management Annual Progress Report?

A. A link can be found on the Planning and Develoment Tools Page or just follow this link Floodplain Management Annual Progress Report.


Q: My street floods, what is the problem? 

A: The road drainage system or the off road outfall system may need maintenance. Roadway Maintenance Division maintains public roads and drainage systems in unincorporated Polk County. Natural Resources Division maintains some off road drainage systems. Roadway Maintenance Division may be contacted at 863-534-7361, and Natural Resources Division at (863)534-7377.


Q: My mortgage company says that I need an elevation certificate. Where do I get one? 

A: Check the WebXtender Online Records System or contact the Land Development Division at (863) 534-6765 to see if the County has a copy on file.  If not, contact a local area surveyor who is licensed in the State of Florida to have one completed.





For all other questions please contact the Growth Management Customer Service Area by email, phone (863) 534-6084 or fax (863) 534-6021. The office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (excluding holidays).

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