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Davenport Florida
Gateway to the Ridge

Building Department


1 South Allapaha Avenue
P O Box 125
Davenport, FL 33836
Office: (863) 419-3300 Ext. 131
Fax: (863) 419-3302

The Building Official is responsible for the enforcement of regulations of codes, laws and ordinances pertaining to construction of buildings and other related structures. Responsibilities include establishing and carrying out the building inspection program and supervising the activities of subordinate Building Inspectors. The building official also performs inspection and plan review duties.  

1 South Allapaha Avenue
P.O. Box #125
Davenport, FL 33836
Office (863) 419-3300 Ext. 128
Fax     (863) 419-3302



Is my property in the City of Davenport?

(Even though you have a Davenport address, your property may not be within the City Limits)

To determine if a property is located in the City limits, please search the Polk County Property Appraiser's website ( and conduct a property or map search, you can use a parcel ID number, which is a 18 digit number or zoom to the area desired. Once the property is found, click on the data tab and the parcel info will be available. Look for the Taxing District, this indicates which jursdiction the property is located, Davenport or Unincorporated Polk County. You can also contact the Development Services Depatment or the Building Department at (863) 419-3300. If the property is located in Unincorporated Polk County, please contact the Planner-On-Call at (863) 534-6084 or via e-mail at

Citizen Engagement

By using Citizen Engagement, a Davenport citizen or a licensed contractor can apply for a permit through the City of Davenport building software. Entry into the system will require the user to apply for a login account. Once a login account is obtained the applicant may apply for the type permit needed. Documents and plans can be uploaded and submitted through the software to the Building Department for any required plan review. Once the Building Department has reviewed the application the applicant will be notified the permit is ready for issuance.

To use Citizen Engagement you will need to create a login account. To do this, simply fill out the user login form. This form must be filled out completely. You will then get a verification email stating you have access to the system. To apply for a permit you will need to fill out the request form and upload your Building Permit Application form and any associated drawings/plans. The system will only accept files that are PDF, JPEG or PNG. Please keep in mind, the system has a 25mg limit that can be uploaded. If your documents are larger you will need to apply in person at the Davenport Building Department. Please remember, the request alone does not constitute a permit application. The permit application can be found on the Building Department Forms page. Please upload this completed form and the drawings/plans with your request.

Contractor Portal
Contractors may review the status of a permit, request inspections for a permit or check results of inspections on a permit through the Contractor Portal. An access code will be given to each contractor for entry into the portal. To enter the portal, the contractor will need the access code and either the permit number or site address of the project.

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