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Davenport Florida
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Patrol Request


A Patrol Request is a convenient way to request special attention to traffic problems or other concerns in your area.

Davenport Police Department Officers conduct routine patrols within the "jurisdiction" of the City of Davenport.

Officers try to cover every part of the City several times a day.


Citizens may request extra patrols to alert officers to pay attention to a specific location.


Reasons for requesting extra patrol include but are not limited to:

1) Going out of town for more than 24 hours without anyone to watch your home.

2) A particular problem (i.e. speeding on the roadway, recent neighborhood break-ins, etc.).


To submit a patrol request, please complete the below form and return it to the Police Department located at 16 West Bay Street.

For "jurisdictional" limits of the Davenport Police Department, please refer to Citizen Information - Jurisdiction of Davenport PD tab.

Attached Document or FilePatrol_Request.pdf  

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