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Davenport Florida
Gateway to the Ridge

Jurisdiction of Davenport PD


 The Davenport Police only have jurisdiction in the "City Limits of Davenport".


"City Limits of Davenport" does NOT include all Davenport mailing addresses!




The below document Davenport PD Jurisdiction Streets contains a full list of streets under the jurisdiction of the Davenport PD.  Any street outside the City Limits of Davenport will fall under the jurisdiction of the Polk County Sheriff's Office (PCSO).



To verify if your property is located in or outside the City Limits of Davenport, please search the Polk County Property Appraiser's website ( and conduct a property or map search.  Once your property is found, click on the data tab and the parcel info will be available.  Look for the "Taxing District", this indicates within which jurisdiction the property is located, "Davenport" or "Unincorporated Polk County".

If the property is located in "Unincorporated Polk County", please contact the Polk County Sheriff's Office for assistance.

PCSO Davenport Substation, 1100 Dunson Road, Davenport, FL  33896 / (863) 236-3900 or (863) 298-6200.

Attached Document or FileJurisdictional Limits - Davenport Police Department  

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